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Small Business and the Internet

Your options and why you should care.

Small businesses on the Sunshine Coast are losing out because of inadequate internet speed and reliability – and are prepared to pay for a better service.  That is the finding of research conducted by Digital Sunshine Coast into the impact of slow internet on business productivity as part of a campaign known as #SPEEDITUP.

As a result of the #SPEEDITUP campaign, Digital Sunshine Cost has compiled a report on the opportunity costs of inadequate broadband and technologies to businesses, what sort of internet access is available  on the Sunshine Coast and how businesses might be able to speed it up.

“We have also provided additional tools and resources, and case studies of Sunshine Coast businesses who have taken advantage of world leading applications to significantly change their business operations and increase their productivity,” said Mr Darrell Edwards, CEO of Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast.



What is the Level Up Program?

Level Up Digital Upskilling




The Level Up program is a Sunshine Coast Council funded program aimed at helping local startups, small and medium businesses connect to the NBN (where available), and fully utilise digital tools, innovation principles and business solutions to enable them to improve their productivity, profitability and ability to compete nationally and internationally, where desired.




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